WEALTH AND HEALTH needs Achievers Who are a Success.Image result for the body achieves what the mind believes quote authorThe body achieves what the mind believes.

A lazy body should not be let control the mind. The mind should be in control or health will suffer causing depressing thoughts so always be positive not negative. Create a plain of your desires “PLANNING” so write it down. Read it out aloud morning and night. Be definite in your mind, even set a date. Believe it is yours to receive Now. It is your chance of success. The imagination can destroy you.


Use it to advance you instead turn your dream into a white heat of desire and be a practical dreamer. This day and age we all have an equal opportunity so take yours and run the race of your life but one step at a time with care, patience, planning and no getting side tracked. Remember the hair and the tortoise.

Except no influence.

Columbus dreamed of the unknown world and copped a lot of negative abuse. He stuck to his dream idea cemented in his mind and proved that is idea was right. We all know him but we do not know the critics and abusers.


Being positive is being a success.

Success requires no apologies, failure permits no alibis so do not quit. Have you ever taken the time to watch a child learn to walk. A child gets up takes one step and falls down then gets up and keeps trying until he learns to walk. A child at that age does not understand the words give up or failure. If a child new those words and what they mean, do you think they would give up and be a failure and never walk. NO, they do no give up like adults who think they know better and let the negative thoughts control them.

Start with yourself, look in the mirror and tell yourself what knowledge, skills and information you need to develop to achieve your gold.

Be honest and do it or fall down and not get up.10295679_10152498954182652_7932605415715626696_n You must act like a child and get up. Look after your family first especially the young and old. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choose but only one can do all. THE world’s first Smart wristband is not ONLY a Heart rate monitor But a Respiration rate monitor as well. BUT there is More….. & More and more, Also Blood Pressure, your ECG can be done. Do You want more? Your Heart rate Variability will analysis for mood and energy levels Along with measuring steps, distance and calories that YOU burn. This is a serious piece of equipment with more not mentioned like being a monitor.

New things will be added as they come available & not too far away.


Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.


On a lighter note…… Sharks can grow a new set of teeth in eight days.

A kilogram of grasshoppers is almost as nutritious as a kilogram of beef.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time,Tom Short.