HAVE the will to conquer.

Never except the word “no” Keep on Keeping on to succeed in anything. Quitting, defeat, cannot, impossible, fear, failure is a trickster. Richer begins with a state of mind and definiteness of purpose. Mix emotions with your feelings, your desire, your beliefs and your faith. Repeat it every day and speak up so you can hear yourself saying it in the mirror. You will hear and see the faith in your words.


Desire can be transmuted into richness. Analise everything first, “ one step at a time ”. Learn the art of converting defeat into stepping stones of opportunity. It is up to us how we control our minds.

Let it succeed or let it fail, it is up to you.

You are the master of your fate as you are in control of your emotions and how you use them with your future. Your mind can be influenced by negative or positive emotions. Our thoughts control our physical equivalent. We do what our thoughts tell us, good or bad. When in public you chose your words carefully so chose your thoughts carefully as all can see your way of life.

Your desires will show through.

DO YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT LIFE? Do you look after your health or just wait until you are sick to care? Look after your family first especially the young and old. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choose but only one can do all.

THE world’s first Smart wristband is not ONLY a Heart rate monitor But a Respiration rate monitor as well. BUT there is More….. & More and more, Also Blood Pressure, your ECG can be done. Do You want more? Your Heart rate Variability will analysis for mood and energy levels Along with measuring steps, distance and calories that YOU burn. This is a serious piece of equipment with more not mentioned like being a monitor.

New things will be added as they come available & not too far away.


“Put yourself on the line and be the master of your time.”

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time, Tom Short.

Life is not about getting and having, it is about giving and being…. Kevin Kruse.

Each of us must work for own improvement and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity………..Marie Curie.

A joke ……laughter is the best medicine,

When I was young, my English teacher was looking in my direction and said , Name two pronouns? I said, “who me?” …………He walked away not waiting for me to think of some.