We are now living in, and moving into a very selfish, rude, one eyed World. We are all better off than our parents and grandparents but getting greedy. Young people are wanting everything now because they have been spoiled and becoming lazy. They think they know everything when they leave school.

Life’s education is only just starting at the end of ones teenage. It can be a rude awaking for some when entering the end of one’s teen years. It can be a rude awaking for some when entering the real World without parents. Our busy World seem to have no time for parents to teach children life skills and are leaving it to the schools to do it and they do not do it.

I read in the paper, tennis ultra-brat Bernard Tomic has delivered a massive “up yours,” to Aussie fans, saying he does not care if they hate him because, “you guys can only dream about what I have.” His age is 24. He has had a dream run with paid funding in his early years. A lot of teens would love the funding he received. Has he returned any of it even in kind?

The father may be ashamed of his actions but who put him there. He should have taught him more than just tennis as a child. Most parents do not teach their children lifestyle behaviour, leaving it for schools who leave it for parents to teach. Thus we now have undisciplined children growing up uneducated about life, expecting everything but the essentials of life.

Rude, “like Trump,” inconsiderate, wanting and not giving in return. At 24 years of age Bernard Tomic has been in the news a lot and I have not seen a photo of him smiling. With prize money of $7 million has made him soft and lazy at wanting to go forward in life. It has been said he has no hunger for the game of tennis.

When you like or love doing something you will strive to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. A hunger for your dream creates an uncompromising mental determination of desire with a concentrated life’s effort. Photo’s show him lacking muscle fitness. Ability is not a winner. Lack of hunger does not make a champion. We all want to be a champion. He has no willpower to be.

So what should be the quality of manhood? Is it to be an unliked rich “has-been”? We should all want to be a role model for our family, friends, country and world. Give our family and all, something to be proud of first. Their Champion. Win or lose, how you conduct yourself makes you a Champion with all looking up to you. If he does not like playing then he should walk away. Then in 50 years he can look back and Wish, “If Only”.

Will not be so proud then.

Be a team member we learn better, faster with quality friendly encouragement. Thank you for your support.

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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

for your time, Tom Short.  tirolith.worldgn.com