To obtain your desired goal, you must have a visualization of a goal. It must come from having faith in your dreams and emotions of want. Our emotions control a lot of our wants in life. Faith, love and sex are emotions but faith is the master of emotions. The desires of the subconscious mind are made up of infinite visualization of positive wishes, dreams .

Desires are positive in that they do not dream of failure. Our brain does not sleep when the body does and has to sleep. Auto-suggestions from the subconscious mind become wishes and dreams. Many a time we have a sixth sense telling us about something which sometime latter we find out that it actually happened proving the mind has no limits.2c9965733aac8d0948608c4fc90a21bf_1448468385_cropped

Infinite intelligence it is called.


Your subconscious mind gives you the faith to desire of wishes and dreams to be put into action. The faith then transmuted into your mind and drives the body into action. When mankind first comes up with a wish it is not thought about much by the mind. When it becomes more regular the wish becomes a stronger dream. The dream will then start to nor at the subconscious mind which will in the end embrace it and translate it into a desire for actions of want. Then turn it into physical action of emotion that the body will also want.

Through the physical emotions multiplied by your desired action it will become fact not fiction. Emotions are a part of the body’s enjoyment good or bad. It is the physical side of desire. Desire feeds the body’s emotions.

Your faith is an emotion of the subconscious mine because you cannot see it, touch it, or hear it as it strengthens from the imagination to a state of becoming a belief for you to embraced with your influence to act out its whim. Negative failure is cured by faith to go forward and act.

Repetition of thought is Desire.

Your faith in what you believe comes from the motivating of seeds of the imagination to the mind’s desires being convinced so its body can positively achieve results. Writing down your positive wishes and reading them every morning noon and night will be the seeds for the imagination to motivate your desires into faith.

What you think and desire you will be.

The seed’s of achievement are yours to plant and grow. Faith is in the mind to be strengthen by auto-suggestions being repeated over and over in your mind. The how, when, where and why of your desires. When you are convinced, your faith will grow stronger as you progress your desires of want. Your written desires when repeated daily strengthens and influences your faith by becoming accustom to your desires until convinced and well embraced.

DESIRE will then transform into the physical equivalent.

Your faith is what you come to believe in your mind that it is the correct answer good or bad. If you are not sure of something your faith “belief’s,” is then not sure and weak. So strengthen your faith by repeating instructions and actions as repetition and practice improves all faith. That is why we are to go to church every Sunday to strengthen our faith what ever faith it may be as mankind loses faith if it is not repeated all the time.

Faith and desire will organize the mind to take action with the physical action coming together with the desired results. Failure when mixed with faith and desire can be turned around into a winner. Faith with visualization is the reason mankind keeps progressing in life. Without faith all is lost to failure.      

NEGATIVE AGAIN. Whatever your faith, “belief,” is, it then becomes your opinion which it is then right where you are concerned so it becomes the truth in your mind.
There is no exact right answer to every thing in life.

Progress and research will always adjust your right answers with other opinions of advice. We must always be on the lookout for a second opinion helping to improve everything. There for our faith and belief are often adjusted because of researching for the better. Strengthening your self-confidence,”faith,” with more courage to press on.

Faith and practice strengthens self-confidence by repetition of physical action as practice makes perfect. How you think, negative,”death,” or positive,”life,” is up to you and your mind. Positive faith will give you life. Negative, ”fear,” is the encouragement of death. The love between a man and a woman will act as an incentive to upgrade your beliefs and faith to a new level of emotion strengthening all desires.Faith and love as a combination can create physical healing within mankind. The art of love is strength blessed by faith and emotion which can inspire all to greater heights.

“The positive are rich the negative are poor.” Your choice. What is success. First it will be an idea created by the imagination, add some faith, then plan the action. All persistent beliefs can assist well-being with the help of faith, visualization and desire. Many people told that they have a major health problem will give in and die early because of a lack of faith being replaced by fear.There again the negative forces win.

Many have died before their time by just letting the mind lose faith and courage. Lack of faith causes depression with every thing. Look at the USA great depression, A lot of it was caused by lack of faith. To fight the force of evil one must strengthen their faith with the courage to live. The many hurdles of life will only be defeated by faith in oneself.

Showing your faith will encourage others around you to be just as strong creating team work not depression. Have faith in your idea with a plan for the physical reality and persistent burning desire for all decisions. DO YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT LIFE? Do you look after your health or just wait until you are sick to care? Look after your family first especially the young and old. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choose but only one can do all.

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07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpg for your time. Tom Short.