Do you know how to workout who is an Entrepreneur?

The biggest problem for a new person starting on the internet is who to trust. 90% of the people calling themselves entrepreneurs are not true Entrepreneurs.

A true Entrepreneur does not exploit others to make money. Many people lie to their customers. Many say they will coach you and then get you to sign up for a little money. They will then promote you at more expense by showing you a few “carrots” with very little teaching, “coaching.”

Once paid up fully with a little more promoted coaching to the top of the site you will be then abandon to learn by videos etc. They are all spammers not entrepreneurs.

A real Entrepreneur will not just promote and then abandon their new customer just to make money.

They become a guardian that follows up with teaching and encouragement walking besides you and when the going gets rough goes to the front first and is last to give up with you by leaving you in the battle ground abandoned.

The enthusiasm shown becomes contagious with ideas for progress with knowledge, inspiration and integrity.

An Entrepreneur never quits and will treat his team members as equal to him with friendship backing those getting behind with encouragement and teaching. “See I left out the word coaching.” Thus leaving nobody behind for the wolves in sheep clothing.

Entrepreneurs will work a dream into an idea and then into positive productive action.

A team of Entrepreneurs will create a master mind group with infinite wisdom of ideas, “dreams” maturing into infinite reality.

Be part of the dream team master mind group.

Enthusiastic visionaries work with integrity. An Entrepreneur will attract caring workers desiring to take a similar roll into the future of the worlds economics vision bigger than life, “Yourself.”

The birth or death of your dreams are yours to chose yours to motivate. Negative or Positive.

To be an entrepreneur is of your choice.

Markethive is an invitation only site for honest Entrepreneurs so join me as it is free to join and look around, only upgrading if you so chose. Things like autoresponders are free. It is the future of the internet.

Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

Thank you for your time, Tom Short.