As the beginning of your life starts to form it is building up with redox signaling molecules. Then as we grow older the redox signaling molecules reduce in numbers. As children we run around but never pull up with sore muscles. That is because we have so many redox signaling molecules in our system. As athletes when over doing it we end up with muscle soreness because of the reduction of the redox signaling molecules in our system.

Everyone is born with smooth skin.

Youthful skin renews itself consistently all the time but slows as we age losing its smoothness. The result is visibly aging skin. Trying to stop the loss of the molecules has been the aim of scientists for years. In the end they said it was impossible. Well we all know now that there is nothing impossible this day and age. Our bodies are mostly made up of salt and water. When we perspire we get a taste of our own salt and water which is the basics of redox signaling molecules.


A group of scientists with the help of an Atomic scientist have finally done it. It does not perform miracles but slows aging and helps with the healing process. A lot of testing has gone into it on many people with great success.

The stories of these people are very moving and doctors that have been involved are impressed. ASEA’s proprietary Redox Signaling science provides support and health at the cellular level. Listen to doctors in the video describing the benefits of this breakthrough in science. There are many more interesting videos to look at. Just make contact and I will send them your way but be warned some can be emotional because of the results of caring people.

So put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

for your time, Tom Short.