To be a strong supporting leader you must be everywhere by leading the team out, then going to the rear helping stragglers to keep up then going to the middle encouraging them up to the front with him.

That is a strong quality leader.

Never disappoint anybody as it will cause friction which will haunt you as people take offense whether they are right or wrong. If you have to let anybody down let them think they are too good for the position and they will thank you for the favor. When deciding to give a person a position the best way is to invite them to except the position, is as if you would be honored for them to be working for us as if they were doing us a favor by excepting the position. Encourage others to do the chore of life by setting easy targets and increasing them by pointing out how others with similar goals were out doing their set goals better thus encouraging them to be better than th9b27cab425b614275f6ee48fef4fd3e9_1446900342_croppede others.

Competition will encourage the goals of others to be out do one another. Everybody likes a competition as it avoids boredom.

WITH YOUR SUPPORT. Nature is then the organizer.

Are you SUPPORTING one and all? If you are going to not except an invitation to help with something then so as the person asking is not disappointed suggest a replacement who would be better at doing it than you are. If a job is not being done properly then the person doing it worst could be given an important position overseeing the job done properly. For a year I worked in a car manufacturing plant. One person was given job after job but every job he was given, he could not do properly right down the production line. He was then made a foreman which was the only position he was able to do properly.

Problem solved.

Use other persons strong points for the benefits of all in the team. What others can do best should be worked on with support and encouragement. What you suggest should be within others interest and ability to complete. Let others see how it will benefit and make them look good and proud of achievement. Encouraging rather than ordering work to be done. Keep a happy team atmosphere and production increases because of suggestions.


Always give praise for a job well done and show appreciation. Be indirect about mistakes by talking about how you made similar mistakes and had fixed them. Use questions to give a direct order. Let others save face not criticism. Always praise all improvements. Encourage others to improve a reputation that has to be lived up to. Encouragement will help correct all faults. Make others happy doing your suggestions. A short cut to distinction.


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time, Tom Short.