How you are going to break out of your own prison created by fear, doubt, being negative and procrastination is up to you to brake out of by taking one small step at a positive time.

Most of us spend our lives wishing our life away. Dreaming, wishing whatever is easy but doing is a problem as we have to physically work at it. Life has much to offer. It is your life. It is your choice. It is up to you what direction you go. Easy is negative while positive is harder as you have to physically work at it. That terrible word “WORK.”

That’s it, You have to WORK at getting out of your life in prison. Inspiration is one fertilizer to boost your future. Life offers many directions to choose, again which way. Over 75% of the World population do not try to work any more than they are forced too by crying in their spilled milk, why me, poor me. Give me, give me. Those that go places give and take at a fair price.

What is mind over matter?

If the mind has no control over a negative body then It only just existing while dying gradually. Life is what you make it, so your choice again. There is no easy way to have a full quality life so put your mind and body to work as a team. The effort will create a satisfaction to help bring enjoyment and celebration for a job well done and not be the misery of life. The effort will give a reward, an experience and bring enjoyment to life with the company of equal life values. The experience will fertilize the value and lengthen your life.

With moderation YOUR GOALS start with easy achievements which evolve gradually in bigger and better life styles. Your family, friendships etc., become your team of life. The size of your life’s team brings stronger quality to life. Your expectations in life are your to set not others in the negative but to copy and follow the positives then out grow to your satisfaction. Your life, your choice as it will impact on your love ones and team. The negatives will always be complaining and worse off than you as you grow in the positive, active, opposite chosen direction.

Many people over the centenaries were called mad for having a vision and going for it. We know the mad ones names but not the negative ones calling them out. Success is always the flower grown from the seeds of failure. Fear is the soil we grow from when positive. Fertilize your mindset with positive vibes that you can control. Start small and grow big any ideas as you go along even if it means two steps forward and one back as it is always an improvement over the negatives. Making a difference in your life will dismiss doubt gradually as your accomplishments boost your moral and enthusiasm even higher.

Remember the song about the ram that took on the dam “oops there a million watts dam.” When you start with a trickle expansion is inevitable to become flood. Starting small always leads to expansion of bigger things even when not thought of at the start thus creating happiness and pleasure of success which leads to a longer life for those involved. All will feel taller, stronger and will encourage all coming into contact to be positive with their future. Remember everything in moderation be it sleep work or play. Include the right food, drink and exercise. Remember also it is all in moderation especially be it wealth and health as one is no good without the other. Procrastination is only for the lazy negatives relying on their weakness while the positives are dwelling on their success.

“So put yourself on the line and be the master of your time.” Tom Short

for your time, Tom Short.