An appeal that everybody likes will avoid friction causing friends to become enemies.

We all want to be highly regarded by all as well as ourselves. Even the worst among us want to look unselfish among one and all when the arguments stop and all sides start thinking fair and honestly when the disputed amount is usually a minor difference. Further business between all parties can continue favoring everybody while unsolved disputes are a lost business cause as we all have nobler motives. We all have emotions which control us more than we control them.Create an appeal

Appeal to their emotions we are always being told.Is it fair to be attacking a persons weakest point their emotions?All is fair in love and war we are told.How do we work out what is fair and reasonable when working with the emotions of others?

Working on a persons values can effect all sorts of emotions as we value our ways ideas property etc. Changing a persons ways and actions con effect a mental response in many ways. The eliciting of emotion can be achieved with care when speaking to others creating an emotional reaction with the listener.

When ever we speak we are quite often with out realizing it are appealing in some way to others our ideas, wishes and wants so that you have an agreement of what you have said. It may stimulate further conversation and ideas with improvement. All our decisions are based on emotions within the brain as it is an unconscious process. The mind generates wishes ideas thoughts then plans with emotional expectations. Persuasion using emotion will influence a persons wants just like a challenge or greed will.


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.
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