The strength of the mind is controlled by willpower, wants, wishes, dreams and desires.

A person’s strength is only as strong as the brain. The mind makes all the decisions for the Physical body to complete. The impulse of what you think and the determination of your willpower. Life can


be a gamble. The odds when gambling can be slim. Very few gamblers are winners. Those who win will have done a lot of homework to cut back the odds.

Many people gamble with their life’s future.

How do you put in the work to lessen the odds of life’s poor success?

You must start with the brain.

For the brain to be a winner there are many areas to work on developing them into partnerships so that the mind will organize all thoughts into a powerful team. Mix your thoughts with persistence desire with a definiteness of purpose with positive obsessive determination blinding all negative ideas. With this teamwork the term gambling loses its strength and becoming an action for winning. We all learn to crawl then walk as we grow stronger. For a child it is a gamble.

Practice makes perfect.

The mind starts with an idea, ”a gamble,” it maybe a wish from a dream which with controlled desire and will-power crawls then walks with the idea so developing with team work of persistent determination into action the body can then cope with turning it into successful action. Thus it eliminates the thought of it being a gamble as it becomes an all-consuming obsession. Your opportunity for a positive result will never lose.

Your minds determination thinks of the actions for the body to achieve while your body is at work on your ideas as a team. Quite often your body’s action helps your mind to improve ideas expanding on your dreams. Then strengthening your desires and faith with a bigger winning goal ahead. With such consuming desire powering you ahead the rough road, hills and roundabouts will become smaller.

The satisfaction of being a winner is wealth in its self whether it is money or love of achievement. Satisfaction of a job well done is good for ones health in mind body and soul. Your determination to provide your desire of its goal will make you feel taller and invincible. Your ability to stick by your goal ignoring all negative wants by always being positive will be for you the winner.

Watch the Olympic games and follow the race to the line whatever type it may be. Not every winner is the best on the day so look at the determination in the face of the winner when crossing the line. Now look at the lack of determination on the face of the losers. What does that tell you, do they look stronger? Your defeats are not always failure as it is just another hurdle to jump.

It will inspire you to learn a better way to cope. Failure is a no, no. The experience is a blessing in disguise as life has many learning curves. The word no is a negative.

The word yes is a positive.

Always promote towards a yes I can do it. Life’s experiences good or bad are the curves we have to negotiate life’s journey. We analyze the no’s and find a yes way around them. Study failure in search of the yes knowledge to succeed and leave failure and defeat behind the winning line. To be the winner you must realize that it is a state of mind that lets the body win or lose.

Your mind’s definiteness of mind is the boss. The body is the athlete to be encouraged to the end goal.


The majority of mankind know how to be negative, why? Because it is the easy road of life. When it is a no you do not have to prove it. When it is a yes you then have to prove it. As human beings we are all different as no two people are the exact same. Our opinions will always be different because we measure everything within our limitations. Our beliefs can hold us back.


We the positive will always reach beyond our limitations by determination. Your limitations are your desires. With determination you can be the Master of your fate so be the Captain of your soul as you have control. Destructive or constructive thoughts are your choice. Up or down your choice. Your economic fate. Over the centuries we have learned from one another.

Whether you have learn from reading this lesson of life will have you expanding forward with your own version and interpretation as a way forward and learning from others opinions as you go through life. A failure is proof that you are on the road to success. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choose but only one can do all.

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