FEAR OF POVERTY must be deleted from life by being positive. Wealth and health will be effected by being rich or poor. Being positive or negative is the same as rich or poor. Which road shall I take?

Right or left? Riches or poverty?

The left one is a very nice easy road, no hills and no rough stretchers. The right road looks likNapoleon-Hill-Winners-never-quite a hard dirt road with hills and tight bends. Left for poverty, right for riches but a lot of effort and hard work. Your choice. No one else is involved. 

Positive or negative?

Fear kicks in, Easy or hard? Fear of hard work?     or fear of poverty? The easy road is to go along and hope somebody or everybody will do your life’s work for you while you sit on your bum blaming the world as your chosen lifestyle which helps you die early.

Your Mental State.

Fear is a big killer and only yours to destroy if you want to live. Your mental state is your responsibility and nobody else. The positive road as rough as it is will be overcome by the physical effort which is all in the mind to be worked on.

How strong is your willpower?

Only as strong as you want it to be to kill Poverty. To kill fear the mind has to push it aside with its weapons of want, desire, inspiration, ambition, self-reliance, self-control and enthusiasm. These are all your weapons against negativity and fear.

Your mind can and will defeat fear of whatever. No matter what form of riches you want in life they are only yours to choose through your mind’s wants, desires etc. As fear of poverty is all in the mind and yours to choose you must write down your fears and then write down your wants. Now look in the mirror and into your eyes making sure as you read out your fears and wants that your eyes do not look away as you say what you have written down.

Tell yourself, again and again. You have some powerful positive weapons to kill the fear. Strengthen and feed your weapons of desire for riches. Fear will then fade away forever so keep repeating your wants dai


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpg for your time, Tom Short.