You cannot win an argument so change your way of thinking. Prove a person wrong and they will never be a friend. Especially in front of others. Embarrassing situations will cause arguments as pride is at stake, so avoid arguments. Whether you lose or win the case it will never be a win, win situation only a lose, lose situation. If you win you hurt their pride making them feel inferior which will make him resent you and not like you ever.11866450_10207503586132086_677884638083089051_n Lack of good will hurts everyone.

Finding fault is a NO, NO.

You will always hear the bad thing but seldom hear the good things. Because it puts a person on the defensive trying to justify themselves. Instead of condemning everyone, try to figure out why they are how they are as it will improve your knowledge and understandings of all situations. Right or wrong, attack from another direction by getting on to another subject praising the other showing your appreciation so that their tone of voice softened to a happy one. Appreciation and encouragement is the best way to a person’s HEART.

Always show your appreciation not flattery.

Praise their achievements that they have achieved, not ones that are of your opinion. Give them a feeling of importance and win them over to your way of thinking. The deepest craving in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. Be tactful and diplomatic, conciliation and sympathetic to others point of view. Arguing with each other will cause hurt to both no amount of healing will ever cure the hurt and resentment to either person. Sit down work together putting both sides of the dispute together looking on the good and bad points together until an agreement is reached.

Then you may have a better finish than both sides of the argument ever had. Remember you can measure the size of a person by what makes them angry so always build a bridge not barriers of misunderstanding. Disarm your opponent and reduce Defensiveness as there is no communication when arguing to win an argument is to avoid it.


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

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