When you take children outdoors to the bush or beach they go mad having fun and exercise. When they get home they are exhausted and sleep well which helps them stay healthy. What about us as we get older we should be doing the same to avoid depression, Mental health problems and run down body health from lack of exercise. As we are not children any more we do not have to climb trees, run up and down hills etc.

Just a stroll in the park or woods to day will help.

If you go down in the woods today you will be in for a big prize.” Yes you will feel happier more relaxed and have a better nights sleep. You will then be a lot better the next day more so than before you went “BUSH.” We keep forgetting about the brain as it also needs to get out and about. It will help clear the cobwebs in the brain and help ward off mental health problems. The psychological and physical world of city life is poor compared with life in the country where you can see nature all around you.

How will an outdoor life help me? How will an outdoors life help me?

Our cave man days are not that far behind us as far as evolution is concerned. Just being able to look out the window and see the flowers and the trees gives us a lift by helping our mood, energy levels and sense of well-being. Just letting our age restrict us to the indoors is encouraging our body to die slowly. It can get boring looking at four walls all the time and TV.

When I was young as a swimmer I had to train in the pool following a black line on the bottom. BORING I then joined a lifesaving club on the Gold Coast of Australia. I did a lot of swimming in the surf. It was not Boring when in the outdoors  It was fun and good exercise out in the wide open space.

Make your life a load of fun.

Having FUN is exercise with out feeling the effort. Again laughter is the best medicine. Walking or running on the soft sand on the beach was good exercise compared with running in the park, paths or streets as they jar the legs causing injury in latter life. I remember being out in boats at the beach, surfing going bush all fun in the Sun.

When I was young at a bush boarding school I was always happy and full of life. When I finished school and went to work in the dull city it was Boring. Every weekend off to the beach I went. Boy that was fun and kept me young. So get outdoors and lower your blood pressure. It will also shake off the feeling of negativity which the mind will enjoy.


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

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