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It is Inbound Marketing for Us Dummies.

If you are ever going to find success, you are going to have to embrace, understand and initiate the process called Inbound Marketing. Outbound marketing is now a total waste of time and money. You are in luck, because Markethive is one of the top state of the art, “Inbound Marketing” platforms in the world and it is the only one that is free! Shouting at your audience with a megaphone is no longer the most cost-effective or productive way of marketing your business, Inbound Marketing is.


The cool part is that inbound marketing methods are almost always less time-consuming and less expensive than traditional lead generation methods. Not only are they cheaper but they are more effective. Inbound leads are eight times more likely to become customers, and close at a much higher rate. In fact while outbound marketing has an average closing rate of 1.7%, inbound marketing has an astounding closing rate of 14.6%. All that savings means the companies that Focus primarily on inbound marketing, typically spend 62% less per lead than companies that don’t.

So how does it work?

Think of it like a giant funnel, prospects come in at the top, happy customers come out the bottom. Today 88% of consumers are conducting their own product research online before making a purchase. Therefore the key to being found and trusted on the web is generating relevant content to what people are searching for.

This is the first part of our inbound marketing funnel.

Once you have their attention we need to capture their information. Generally this is done with more awesome content in the form of digital media such as free offers, articles, case studies, videos, free services and more. The next part of our marketing funnel is where we create an automated system, by which we turn these qualified leads which came in from our offers into Happy paying customers, who refer more new customers because of all the awesome content you’re putting up.

At Markethive we deliver inbound marketing methods such as SEO, Broadcasting, Capture Pages, Social Media, massive reach, Work Groups, Co-op Advertising videos, and so much more, to establish you as the authority in your industry, and create a client magnet that will generate a constant stream of qualified leads just for you. Let us help you to establish an online presence, attract new leads, and convert prospects all on autopilot.

Written by Tom Prendergast.

Tom Prendergast for your time,    Tom Short.