The Rise of the Phoenix

We have been preparing to launch MarketHive for several weeks now, raising money for the advertising and marketing and having daily meetings so people would understand the power and simplicity of MarketHive. Most of you, this is news and it should get your attention, because after 2 years of serious development, innovation and production, MarketHive is about to launch. MarketHive is similar in looks to Facebook and behaves like it in many ways. Making friends, having groups, the news feed, messaging, chatting, boosting, tagging, sharing, very similar.

But like the name implies, “Market” represents a powerful portfolio of integrated and effective inbound marketing tools, like email auto responders, social media broadcasters, capture pages, blogging platforms, seo platforms, lead management, and analytics. We are not talking about the old fashion type of tools either, but fresh innovative new concepts, that eliminate the old double opt in email that causes so many spam complaints GONE!

Capture pages that takes literally split seconds for the visitor to join, seriously, these new neural type capture pages are like falling into silk linens, effortless. “Hive” represents the social network found within the system.

In fact it is a new type of social network called a Social Neural Network.

Found with the groups we have integrated broadcasting to the entire group members social network accounts by the team captain, blogging systems that empowers the team, management reports for the admin showing each members actions, within the system (like blogging, autoresponder production, capture pages, posting to the news feed, running ads, sponsoring new members, active Alpha account, etc.), A group rotator to share the results of the traffic generated by the group, and a co-op ability to raise funds and shares for group ad campaigns. This “Hive” concept, gives huge leverage to campaigns, easily managed and extremely powerful as well as accountable.

In other words, the admin (captain, leader, manager) is accountable and responsible to the group. If a group member decides he/she is better served elsewhere then just leave the group. By doing so, all blogging activities, all social account postings, all co-op contributions, etc. terminate. This fact, keeps the groups integrity intact and builds a strong powerful Social Neural Network (hence the discovery of this phenomena occurred in MarketHive).

In 1994 I invented Automated Marketing, included with that event;

I also invented the email autoresponder, the online live database driven form, the self-replicating web page, the PDF duplicator and the Blastomatic, the first remote broadcasting system, the first! All that was integrated into a company called Veretekk that served millions of subscribers, made millions and was privately labeled to over 80 Direct Sales Companies over a period of 20 years. Veretekk established the Automated Marketing revolution and also inspired and caused the formation of many a competitor like Aweber, Get Response, WTPowers, Imarketonline, Referralware, Webprosperity, GVO, EmpowerNetwork, etc. The legacies of Veretekk have helped to build MarketHive to new levels that will change the field of Marketing as we know it. We welcome you to experience the new paradigm Social Neural Networks, that is the next evolution of the Internet, as we enter;

The Age of the Entrepreneur (The rise of the Phoenix).

The doors are open as we enter into the soft launch phase of the rise of MarketHive. You’re invited; it is 100% free, unlike anything else ever unleashed on the Internet. A complete portfolio of Inbound Marketing tools and systems, that are worth more than $3000 per month, integrated with the state of the art Social Neural Network. Join us as we enter the Age of the Entrepreneur:





Thomas Prendergast

Thomas Prendergast for your time,         Tom Short.