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HOW do You Workout WHO May be an ENTREPRENEUR?

Do you know how to workout who is an Entrepreneur? The biggest problem for a new person starting on the internet is who to trust. 90% of the people calling themselves entrepreneurs are not true Entrepreneurs. A true Entrepreneur does not exploit others…

Teamwork Is Where I Give My LIFE’S KNOWLEDGE.

In other words all my lifelong knowledge is a gift to my team. That is what a true entrepreneur is. A true entrepreneur will go to the front as a leader then fall back helping the stragglers then moving up with the team…


CALLING ALL FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS & PRESENT None of these; or any Social Network for that matter, offer a substantial software package for developing business online. This system is now out of date. This is Outbound Marketing. This technique to cold call is a…

The Age of the Entrepreneur in Full!

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who just runs a business? As is often the case, I may not exactly know what it is, but I know wha

MarketHive is Here, The Rise of the Phoenix

We have been preparing to launch MarketHive for several weeks now, raising money for the advertising and marketing and having daily meetings so people would

Inbound Marketing & Social Media are complimentary

What makes people addicted to social media? Social interaction has been a human trait for as long as humans have been around. However, relatively speaking,

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