All your hunches are your inspirations and are often called a sixth sense. Meditation is an old system that a lot of people laugh at mainly because they cannot see or feel it because it is called a brain thing. When you start concentrating on something that is on your mind you are meditating about what is on your mind. Very few people put a lot of thought into what they want and have a haphazard result.

Those who train their brain to meditate always have the best outcome for all their projects. With a well trained brain it can and will sometimes display a sixth sense of something is going to happen. Sometime latter news comes through of a happening that was triggered in ones mind of the occasion. Hard to believe for people with a negative outlook on life.

In times gone by we have been told of miracles.

If our present times were to go back a few hundred years and appeared suddenly then with cars, phones, electricity and planes etc., those people would all believe them to be miracles. If we do not think something is possible and it happens it is then a miracle. Education today tells us that nothing is impossible. Thus no more miracles for a while, well less than years ago.

As we grow up to adulthood we admire others achievements.

10645249_523058197839431_2454665613479634974_nYour temple of wisdom is your life to chose. Children run around dressed up like their heroes. When we reach adulthood it is with a positive attitude we should emulate those you look up to and admire. To follow in their footsteps we must have a faithful desire to follow their ways and improve on them. When imitating your hero’s, your character will then grow just like theirs with mindful improvements.

Show wisdom by having a positive growth with your life. So with meditation while working on their ideas and ways hold imaginary meetings with your group of hero’s working your way through how would they council you with their ways so you can grow ideas with improvements. Your meditation with a definite purpose building your imagination with faith and desire heaping auto-suggestions within the group. Night after night, day after day in the morning walk tall with fresh dominating thought and desire so that results will grow thanks to the art of meditation.

The power of self-suggestion builds character that will have creative endeavor transmuted into reality with convictions of organized effort. Meditation encourages self-confidence, to go forward with persistent determination to turn any defeat into victory. Serious thought with meditation creates inspiration to think beyond all boundary leaving tunnel vision for the negative person to dwell in. Repetition forever of one’s desires will hold the knowledge with faith and inspirational wisdom  going forward showing enthusiasm and initiative.

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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time Tom Short.