The fear of ill health is negative. The fear of old age, the fear of death, the fear of ill health, the fear of injury. Children are born without fear until they are taught to be frightened by parents frightened themselves by not knowing how to cope with a situation. We all grow up frightened by possible injury without even being injured. The mind is destroyed before the event by fear of cancer and diseases. Why do so many people carry guns in USA? Mainly because they are fearful of being shot at by crazed gunmen etc.

e429788814c7d0f4fc9e2513590115f3_l1Some people go to the doctor with a small illness. By the time they get there, fear of the worst has exploded in their mind. Many walk out the doctors surgery almost well again as the doctor explains that it is not much and will be gone in a few days. The fear in the mind was making the symptoms worse than they were. A different mental attitude will heal a lot of people.

A negative attitude will cause ill health.

I know as I have seen it in a politician going great for years. Then one hiccup got to him and a year later he was six foot under. Fear will work on your susceptibility affecting natures body resistance to ill health problems.

Fear of lost love.

Being upset and disappointed by rejection of love has effected by many with health and mental problems. A young man was in hospital with illness from depression and lost love and was run down with fading health. The doctor asked a lovely young nurse to look after him and give him special care like a love one would. Three weeks later he was out of hospital and in love again with his special nurse.

They were later married.

Fear of death is in the mind.

Sitting around doing nothing helps the imagine think of death. Without things to keep one busy we start to think the worst. An active mind keeps the body active with no time to think the worst. It does not have to be anything much so just try anything with hobbies gardening or just socializing. No matter what your age is a burning desire for achievement will keep you young in mind and active in body looking for the next project of interest. Worry about this and that is fear working the mind’s imagination destroying the imagination of self-confidence of any initiative in favor of indecision.

When I was younger I use to breed and show dogs. Many people were nervous and had a fear of losing. The dog could pick up their fear and became nervous as well as the handler. Between them they always lost because of fear vibrations between them. Negative fear vibrations spread between people creating a flow on effecting your circumstance.

Yours to control.

Susceptibility to negative influences are just a state of mind. Build yourself a wall of immunity against negative influences in your mind. Think and act for yourself by learning to control your thoughts to the positive side of life. Learn to recognize and reject negative thoughts early . No dwelling on them so change the thought pattern to another subject of positive value as it is your destiny at stake. Your will-power is at stake so control your mind and you will control your destiny. Create your opportunity so that persistence will win every day. The habit of self-discipline creates desire and success is easier than poverty in the end.


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Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

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