MarketHive has launched the first fully outfitted advanced Inbound Marketing system  integrated with the new Social Neural Network technology. It is 100% free to subscribe too and no up charges, ever. It funds itself from advertising, soft, subtle advertising too. Get ready to discover what 20 years of experience of online automated marketing development can produce, what 2 years of from scratch development and $400,000 in investment can produce. BTW: Our new Alpha affiliate program plans on sharing that ad revenue with you. Direct Sales Companies Join The Social Neural Revolution.

The Age of the Entrepreneur has given birth to the first Entrepreneurial Social Network.

To be more exact, the first and only Social Neural Network and let me explain why. It includes the DSA direct sales industry and its associated companies. MarketHive is built for the little guy and gal, small business and entrepreneurs. Incorporating the ability to build dynamic symbiotic sales and marketing teams, we call a Social Neural Network.

We have also incorporated into this innovative platform, turnkey portals within the back office infrastructure for the super majority of the DSA market top companies. So the short story is we have melded together a dynamic solution for DSA companies to work with, empowering their distributors within the back office of MarketHive, with all the most advanced marketing systems and technologies.

NOW Opened for business

Social Neural Networking Discovered by MarketHive. We have either invented or discovered the new evolutionary step in Social Networking called Social Neural Networking. Put simply, from the individual members of the masses of the social network Internet biosphere comes the organism, the sembionic organization, integrated with broadcasting tools, blogging technology, organization and management capabilities, leadership, results sharing (rotators), co-op funding campaigns, etc.

All driven by a leader, yet maintained and integral with the crew sailing the ship concept.

The Ships Captain, Tom Prendergast.

Tom Prendergast for your time,     Tom Short.