What is the future of the internet? The last Ten years has been about the social network. The next Ten years will be about the market network. The internet is so jam packed with ways to make money, socialise, education etc., most people do not know weather they are Arthur or Martha. When a new site comes out very few people hear about it.

Another reason is because the net is so full of bull s…. many ignore the good the bad and the ugly. Many so called entrepreneurs call themselves coaches but only promote everyone up the top of system and then abandon them to learn with videos. Not being a teacher means they become losers in the long run. Back to the interesting bit as those without a good attention span have just left.

An Entrepreneurial Social Network has been built in preparation for the Rise of the Entrepreneur, a revolution of the uncommon thinker, the innovator, out of the box men and women who see things as they should be and say why not. We have seen the other social networks that do not really fit the “entrepreneur” spirit, flourish, but as entrepreneurs, we are often frustrated with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn as they have never really felt like home. Thus the new Market Network site for Master Mind groups leading the way with the new Entrepreneurial Social Network.

Thomas Prendergast, author of 5 books and The Masters of Marketing, inventor, architect and founder of Veretekk, established in 1994 and the first inbound (automated) marketing system on the Internet, has much to say about empowering the Entrepreneur, the coming Rise of the Entrepreneur and the state of the economy of the world today.”

I built Markethive to be a powerful social network for entrepreneurs. It is similar to other networks making it easy to navigate, but I integrated the most advanced Inbound Marketing technology as part of the platform. I did this to give the struggling startup entrepreneur, the little guy and gal entrepreneur, the small business, the moderate business, the home business, the work at home Moms and Dads real advantage, an advantage that sells for up to $6000 per month elsewhere.

I built this platform for you to have total access of, for free”.

Thomas Prendergast CEO reveals. “After raising $400,000 in 2013, Markethive became a reality in mid-2016 and has already begun making success stories and changing the playing field”. Mr. Prendergast finished with saying, “I am fully committed to building the members of Markethive into huge success stories. This is my way of helping make this world a little bit brighter and helping the struggling entrepreneur to have a lot more advantages to reach their goals”. This will be the massive powerful unparalleled Inbound Marketing platform we have for your future, your life, your choice.

Your Entrepreneurial social Network

Markethive is a vision and an ongoing project where we are always improving the system, adding more value as we grow to be the biggest social phenomena in history. We are not just an Inbound Marketing platform, though we are the best. We are not a social network, we are a Market Network, and on that leading edge. We may very well eclipse LinkedIn maybe even Facebook for these very reasons.

As we continue to develop our Automated Workshops, putting a finishing touch on Lead Nurturing (more about that powerful technology later), you will find Markethive to go to plat5form for everyone “entrepreneurial” and you know what the founder of LinkedIn “Reid Hoffman” said about entrepreneurs, right?

Reid Hoffman Tells Charlie Rose: “Every Individual Is Now An Entrepreneur.”


Put yourself on the Line and be the Master of your own Time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time, Tom Short.