Sexual desire is the most powerful of human emotions as well as the physical side of it. It is well known that when men are empowered by his woman’s company it can lift his spirit and develops improvement and maturity of will-power, courage, imagination, creativity and a persistence of desires for a better life for both as a couple. This transformation change is called a transmutation.

This can create a transmutation of sexual desire into a creative effort lifting the imagination towards a genius in the professions of industry , architecture, arts etc. All because of a woman’s influence, called natures team effort. Sexual emotion can lift men into a super power of action and creative ability.

Take domestic animals that have been castrated, they become more docile and have less will-power to fight for any desires. The sexual stimuli creates enthusiasm, imagination and intense desire etc. The stimulation of the mind is a sixth sense which can improve into a creative imagination often refereed to as a hunch or idea all from the subconscious mind. Many Ideas or hunches are developed by association with like minded people bouncing hunches stimulated by their sixth-sense through friendship [part of or cousin to sexual stimulation.] team work of inspired hunches.

Ideas will emerge from others subconscious inspirations because of the minds stimulation.

11880485_10152941738746097_3176261985940140331_nFor creative imaginations try closing your eyes and let your creative imagination speak to you from within your mind with no outside influence to your superior intelligence will help improve your decision making and be more accurate. When with combined knowledge it will complete facts with ideas for top results. [known and unknown facts.] Thus with the influence of a wife, partner can arouse the creative faculties of the mind will be making a man feel invincible.

Take away the womanly incentive and the distractions start a downhill spiral from lack of stimulation. As an aging man fulfills his physical sexual emotion the urge turns to mental dissipation of these emotions to the mental equivalent emotions of creative imagination. Human emotion influences all man-kinds actions. To sell to any other person you have to add a mystery to stimulate their emotion to want one way or the other.

No emotion to want, no sale.

Mankind’s most productive years of creative effort are between the ages of forty and sixty years. This known age serves as a safety valve are a balance of poise and constructive effort. When you change your mind you chose between a negative emotion by transmuting a positive or constructive emotion by changing your thoughts. Genuine love will forever come from the heart and leave a lasting effect with influence with its effect on life good or bad.

Friendship is not a physical form of sexual love.

It is community or pack form of caring love for mankind. A man’s desire for a woman is to please her and provide for her and family as nature intended since the dawn of time.

Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpg for your time, Tom Short.