With today’s fast pace our lives are speeding up. Anxiety and depression are increasing. Getting outdoors in the garden, parks bush walking anything to do with nature and wildlife will help the mind and body regenerate as human beings are like all animals not meant to be cramped up in doors and in high-rise buildings.

For some unknown reason we seem to want to be cramped up in congested cities fighting to get to work in high-rise buildings. A few hundred years ago the highest buildings were church steeples and the highways did not need speed cameras etc.

We all get the urge to go bush now and then as it is in our genes.

The governments should be encouraging people to go bush and live away from the cities. Move their government OFFICE OUT TOWARDS THE BUSH. Spread out and let in the fresh air not be choking in the city smog. Find the outdoors and beat stress.

Look at the animals in the Zoos.

In the old days not that long ago you would see them pace-sing up and down in the cages. They were stressing out because of being confined in cramped areas. Now a day they are still caged in a very open area but like they were in nature. They are not stressed out any more. Look at people caged up in cities with high rise buildings and getting bigger. No wonder everybody is becoming more stressed and depressed this day and age. A lot of health problems are getting worse because of the stressful city lifestyle.

Identify where your stress is coming from.

Fix up what you can and except what you cannot then readjust your ways to cope with your busy lifestyle because the negatives will get you down. Look at the positives then turn your life around. Keep your mind positive and do not be negative as it will cause anxiety, stress then effect your behavior. Knowing your values in life will help you cope with stress. Your values will help you focus and give you courage and strength to overcome hardships. Do not be hard on yourself. Be compassionate towards yourself as there is so much negative around us.

Then you will bounce back from difficulties.

Being negative will cause stress leading to over eating and alcohol.      WEALTH AND HEALTH.


Do you look after your health or just wait until you are sick to care? Look after your family first especially the young and old. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choos

e but only one can do all.

THE world’s first Smart wristband is not ONLY a Heart rate monitor But a Respiration rate monitor as well. BUT there is More….. & More and more, Also Blood Pressure, your ECG can be done. Do You want more? Your Heart rate Variability will analysis for mood and energy levels Along with measuring steps, distance and calories that YOU burn. This is a serious piece of equipment with more not mentioned like being a monitor. New things will be added as they come available & not too far away.


Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpgfor your time, Tom Short.