We all wait until something happens then try to fix it. That is what Doctors are for repairing health problems. Prevention is better than the cure and easier to manage than any repair. Most of the time life is not the same afterwards. We 80% of the people are negative to the prevention of bad health problems, not me I am bullet proof. Even people who have had a problem do not follow up on the advice from health experts and go lazy. I have seen people who relax their medication because they feel a lot better take a turn for the worse and end up six foot under.

So the saying goes, prevention is better than the cure, repeat it again until it becomes a habit and part of your one and only life. I have decided to take a brain only vitamin because I am worried about getting dementia. Doctors are keeping our bodies alive longer but cannot keep our brains alive at all. We look in a mirror and cannot see our brains so ignore its health. At 76 I am very healthy except for skin cancers caused 50 odd years ago on the beach and in the surf. In those days we thought a sun tan was protection.


Now with 24 years to go I have decided to go the prevention way.

On the way I have a Smart Wristband that is just hitting the market now to help with prevention of 20 different things. It is only available on the internet and has no competition in the World. There are many reasons for ending our life early because of our negative ways like eating the wrong foods. We do not like eating fat only or sugar only but put them together and we love them. If we took all products off the super market shelves with sugar and fat in them they would be nearly empty. Everything in moderation is the answer to life. Many people go from one extreme to the other. Diets are not the answer.

Adjusting your way of eating or exercising is the answer. Eat too much then you have to exercise too much. That is for the too hard basket. Choosing quality food is the answer but in moderation. A quality breakfast in the morning, a drink for mid morning but no food, midday a fruit meal, and at night and not too late so make it a poor persons meal. No snacks any other time of the day but at least 2 liters of water a day. If you feel hungry then have a drink of water and if you still feel hungry in 20 minutes have one piece of fruit.

With the help of quality food and a reasonable amount of activity weight loss will occur. This is a lifestyle not a diet. Do it enough times and it becomes a habit. It takes a long time to add on weight so the same with losing it. If you go to a function have what ever you desire as it is your treat for sticking to a quality lifestyle. NO SWEET DRINKS so walk past, no buying any bottle and cans of drinks at the shopping centers. Cut back on alcohol as well. Probably too well as I enjoy it when I do have it. Now a day I do not miss it as I can take it or leave it. I think half have of my blog visitors just left this blog. LIVE OR DIE YOUR CHOICE

Sitting on your bum just for the sake of it is negative.

Keeping active is what the body has been designed for thousands of years ago. A positive body and brain will lengthen you life by cutting back all stress and fear. A negative body creates laziness, stress, fear leading to health problems and an early death.


for your time, Tom Short.