Your brain works on the same principal as a radio broadcasting and receiving station. With a brain the vibration of thought works between the conscious mind and the four ways of receiving. The subconscious mind is the brain sending station to the receiving station called the creative imagination.

Desire is created by the subconscious mind, the creative imagination and the auto-suggestion. On the physical side mankind always they relied on their touch and being able to see weights and measurements as only the well educated over the centuries used their minds ability in life which is just as strong as the physical side. We have ignored the assets within the mind in the past because we like to hear, feel and see using our physical senses ignoring the value of the mind.

11873461_10153167789688460_2801248671093918374_nUSE IT OR LOSE IT AS IT IS YOUR RECEIVING STATION OF THOUGHT.

Our assets of the mind are only partly used according to the scientists as mankind ignorance of the minds ability just because people cannot hear, see or touch it. Our means of thought is translated through an intricate piece of machinery called the brain and how it translates to the physical self. Because we cannot see or feel it we have a tendency to ignore it and dismiss it.

Mankind is very lazy when we have to use the mind because it is not a physical part of us.

Extrasensory modes of perception, telepathy and clairvoyance cannot touch as they are a mystery so become dismissed and a no, no to many people. We take a lot of things for granted like how everything lives and dies and how everything emits radiation, like why we do not fall off the earth now that we know it is not flat.

Put three minds together and they will stimulate one another’s minds to greater heights. That is team work of a master mind group.


Do you look after your health or just wait until you are sick to care? Look after your family first especially the young and old. New Technology has arrived to save lives and cheep. The wristband can do wonders. Seven to choose but only one can do all.

THE world’s first Smart wristband is not ONLY a Heart rate monitor But a Respiration rate monitor as well. BUT there is More….. & More and more, Also Blood Pressure, your ECG can be done. Do You want more? Your Heart rate Variability will analysis for mood and energy levels Along with measuring steps, distance and calories that YOU burn. This is a serious piece of equipment with more not mentioned like being a monitor.

New things will be added as they come available & not too far away.


Put Yourself on the line and be the Master of Your Own Time.

07f89b539eeef0ced1fe2922e57a9015_1451119185_cropped.jpg for your time, Tom Short.