How would you handle it?

It is a rude shock being told you will lose your job in six months. I was not ready for it as I did not want to give up my job. It was like being in a relationship with a person you are happy with that you are sharing your life with them being told you are not wanted any more. The feeling of rejection is high as the mind goes into overdrive. I loved the job putting my heart and soul into it.

My managementis breaking up. Having to accept it and move on is mind blowing and fearful of what does the future hold. Six months warning is both good and bad. Good for a chance to work on a future but bad because of the ifs and buts. Six months of dead man walking with everyone asking questions about the future.

The day of leaving a job of love and friends who you spent just as much time with as family can be emotional and leave one a blubbering mess. Being offered a future in management at the last minute meant six months unemployment studying an upgrade and management was expensive but worth while.

Home Management upgrade

Home Management upgrade.

Back in with a management roll was like when I was given the keys to a car for the first time learning to drive and with all my good work mates looking on. The work mates helped ease me into the position building my confidence. Being their workmates for years and now as a leader I had a very supporting team which helped me grow into the position. Having learn and grown in the company as a worker and a manager I was able to help those getting behind by going back putting a “hands on,” encouragement helping them learn the right way forward.

Then going to the front and leading the team forward as a champion department by aiming higher than expectations while remembering tomorrow will be better again. As a leader the feeling of helping the team progress beyond expectations brings happiness when completed with laughter are a great medicine of life.

Put yourself on the line and be the master of your own time.

for your time, Tom Short.